We plant a native tree for every square metre we develop or lease.

Planting native trees is one of the best, most simple ways to reduce carbon in our atmosphere. We want to keep our sustainability policy simple.
One Sqm = One Tree
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Tauroa Sanctuary ProjectTauroa Sanctuary ProjectTauroa Sanctuary Project

Our Current Reforestation Project

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Tauroa Sanctuary

Tauroa Sanctuary is located in the beautiful Tuki Tuki Valley in the Hawkes Bay.

The sanctuary represents an exciting opportunity where a shared objective of restoring nature and biodiversity of the land is put into practical projects of planting trees, trapping predators, removing weeds, installing predator-free fences, restoring wetlands and cleaning waterways.

Recently, Conrad Properties have helped fund the sanctuary to plant 8505 trees on the site.

Sustainability in our developments

Research suggests the real estate industry is responsible for around 40% the world’s carbon emissions. Our Location and style have always been the cornerstone of this business, but environmental responsibility and sustainability are also at the forefront of our checklist.

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Our Projects*


  • Large windows to maximise the natural light to, and outlook from, each apartment.
  • Mechanical ventilation to reduce airborne moisture levels and ensure there is a constant supply of fresh air to each apartment, without the need to open windows.
  • External extraction systems in kitchens and bathrooms to remove airborne moisture and ensure apartments are easier to heat.
  • Glazing designed to minimise external noise pollution to provide a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Double glazing to minimise thermal gains and losses.
  • Minimal car parking to encourage the use of readily available public transport.


  • Environmental Choice Approved low toxicity interior paints to ensure the indoor air quality.
  • Dual flush toilets and lower flow tapware to limit water wastage.
  • Locally manufactured materials where appropriate to reduce transportation energy.
  • Recycling strategies to minimise construction waste in line with the REBRI guidelines.
  • Sediment and erosion controls during construction to prevent polluting run off to adjacent eco systems and storm water networks.


  • Located near high frequency public transport routes, encouraging the use of alternative transportation.
  • Bicycle friendly, through the provision of bike parks, encouraging the use of alternative transport.
  • Energy efficient through the use of CF and LED lighting, external sensor operated common area lighting and energy efficient machine room-less elevators.
  • Designed by award winning architects, critiqued by special urban design planners and monitored by our peers to ensure our developments withstand the test of time on a physical, social and economic level.

* The above list is a summary of the main green features that have been incorporated in the design and/or execution of our various projects. However, not all of the above listed features are incorporated into every development.

Healthy, Greener Workspaces

Healthy, Greener Workspaces

As a landlord, we’re committed to ensuring our tenants work in a healthy, sustainable workspace. We want our tenants to feel comfortable in our commercial buildings.

It’s a known fact that healthy, greener spaces can lead to higher productivity and greater success. We support this.

Download our Commercial Building Guide. This guide sets to outline and highlight some of our key efforts and building features, with a focus on health, safety and sustainability.